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No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. In recent times we have witnessed amazing acts of kindness in our communities.

Volunteering at Livewell Southwest can be a life changing experience, for you, those we support and our staff. By spending some time chatting with patients, supporting with administrative tasks, helping keep our gardens great or lending a hand with our training courses you’ll be making an invaluable contribution to our work if you choose to volunteer with us. In return, you gain work experience and confidence by learning new skills, meeting new people and being part of a team.

You will receive training pertinent to the role as well as gaining certificates by completing mandatory online learning. You will have the opportunity to complete the National Volunteer Certificate by completing additional training once you have volunteered for a minimum of 60 hours.

We offer a variety of flexible volunteering roles in Plymouth and surrounding areas. Due to the nature of our work, volunteers undergo certain recruitment checks; this may include a standard or enhanced DBS check depending on the role, providing two references and undergoing an occupational health screen. We will provide you with the necessary support to ensure that this process is as smooth as possible.

You will find samples of our volunteer roles below. If you wish to share a special talent and don’t find a role that interests you, please email and we can consider if any of our services could be enhanced by your talent.

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Example opportunities

Fish Tank Volunteer - Thornberry Centre

This role would suit a keen fish tank keeper who is able to keep the tank at the Thornberry Centre clean and the fish healthy.

Friends & Family Test Volunteer - various services

The role will involve calling individuals who have received input from a variety of Community Services and encouraging feedback about service user experiences and inputting this anonymised data into a web-based form known as the friends and family survey.

Volunteer Gardener

Could you help keep our Wellbeing Garden tidy and safe? Weeding, tidying up, cutting back etc in line with suggestions from estate’s gardener. 


Meet & Greet Volunteer

If you are willing to help to create a pleasant environment for patients, staff and visitors then this may be the volunteering role for you.

Current opportunities

Admin Support – Adult ADHD Assessment Service

We are looking for a compassionate, polite and friendly volunteer to help the Adult ADHD Assessment Service. The volunteer would support with general administrative tasks.

Admin - Feedback for Services from Service Users

An opportunity to help improve our services by seeking impartial feedback from our service users. Could you help us by contacting people who have used our services and anonymously record the feedback?

I have been a volunteer with Livewell weight management programme for about nine years now and it was when I was going through the programme myself that they started the buddy programme.  I thought this was a fantastic way to give back, given the support that the weight management team had given me.

I thought that it was important that I gave back to them, and we have a succinct set of skills in so much as we know how being a patient and going through the programme, just how tough it can be.

The buddies provide support for all patients and they can do that in a many ways. We can run coffee mornings, go on a walk with them, offer one on one meet ups or take them to a sports event or they might need some support doing some sort of exercise; anything really that they need.

We also like to feed back into the weight management programme. If we spot something that might not be appropriate or might not be quite right, we can feed that back into the system so that changes can be made.

I would heartly recommend becoming a volunteer. I think you cannot get the same sort of fulfilment from anything when you are giving your time freely to help somebody else.


Volunteer and Weight Management Programme Buddie

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