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No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted..

Volunteering at Livewell Southwest can be a life changing experience, for you, those we support and our staff. By spending some time chatting with patients, supporting with administrative tasks, helping keep our gardens great or lending a hand with our training courses you’ll be making an invaluable contribution to our work if you choose to volunteer with us. In return, you gain work experience and confidence by learning new skills, meeting new people and being part of a team.

Coronavirus has presented the healthcare system with unprecedented challenges, and in recent times we have witnessed amazing acts of kindness in our communities.

We offer a variety of flexible volunteering roles in Plymouth and surrounding areas. Due to the nature of our work, volunteers undergo certain recruitment checks; this may include having a DBS check depending on the role, providing two references and undergoing an occupational health screen. We will provide you with the necessary support to ensure that this process is as smooth as possible.

All of our volunteer opportunities are advertised on NHS Jobs.

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In 2020 during a period of furlough I became a Community Volunteer Responder and Marshall at my local vaccination centre. I had not anticipated quite how rewarding I would find the experience and I only wished I had started volunteering earlier!

There are so many reasons to volunteer.. for some people it is a great way to meet people and build confidence, for others it is about gaining experience to aid career development and in my case it was about using my skill set and putting it to good use at a time when I felt a little lost. During my experience, something that quickly became really apparent to me is that the one thing that all volunteers have in common is a desire to make a positive difference to others, however each volunteer has their own story, their own skills and when you have a diverse team of volunteers you can reach out to even more people.

I am so pleased to now be employed with Livewell working on the Volunteer Programme and I am looking forward to speaking with lots of future volunteers about a large range of roles that we have available.

Often people feel keen to help others but are not sure they have the skills required to be a volunteer.. after a little discussion we often find there is a wealth of lived experience which is so valuable to our programme so I would really encourage people to take the leap and get in touch.


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