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Therapy Dogs

Livewell Southwest is very proud to work in collaboration with Therapy Dogs Nationwide, bringing canine friends to our wards and units for the benefit of the people we care for.

Therapy Dogs Nationwide is a national Charity where visiting volunteers take their own dogs into care settings to give comfort, distraction, and stimulation.

The benefits of Animal Assisted Therapies (AAT) have been extensively studied and the results range from improvement in general health and wellbeing to increased confidence levels, and improved communication skills.

Samantha Fraser is a volunteer with the charity and regularly visits Livewell Southwest’s Glenbourne Unit with her beautiful dog Bessie. Samantha has seen that Bessie’s visits can reduce anxiety, loneliness and depression, and bring joy to those offering Bessie a hug or a pat.

Staff at Livewell Southwest commented that a therapy dog can provide a sense of calm and comfort for those staying with us. Our voluntary canine companions offer a sense of happiness and hopefulness and are a good distraction for those experiencing poor mental health.

Samantha and Bessie are pictured opposite at Livewell Southwest’s open day in 2019