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Feeding, Swallowing, Drooling

Speech and Language Therapists will see infants and children who have eating, drinking and/or swallowing problems (dysphagia). This might be as a result of  physical or mechanical feeding difficulties and there is a higher incidence of swallowing difficulties with people with learning difficulties.

Once your child has been seen by a  Speech and Language Therapist, they will make make recommendations to support your child’s eating and drinking. These recommendations may include: messy food play; texture development; positioning of your child or the use of different utensils or ways of feeding.

Please note that we do not provide a service to children or young people who:

  • Present with feeding difficulties as a result of sensory and/or behavioural issues affecting their eating and drinking.
  • Are ‘fussy’ eaters
  • Refuse to eat lumpy/chewy foods
  • Generally refuse to eat
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