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by | Friday, November 8th, 2019 | News

IT’S National Occupational Therapy Week and Livewell Southwest is proud to announce it has appointed its first matron from an occupational therapy rather than nursing background.

Sally Stephenson has worked as an occupational therapist for 22 years, and has been appointed Neuro Rehab Matron covering Plym Neuro and Skylark wards at Plymouth’s Mount Gould Hospital, the outpatient pathways, the neuro rehab outpatient team and the early supported discharge team.

Sally said: “Occupational therapy is vital to address the impact that cognitive, physical, emotional, psychological and social difficulties have on the patient’s ability to be functionally independent and have an increased quality of life.

“We can work with patients on any aspect of their life, from independence with personal care, for example teaching someone how to brush their teeth again or looking at how they can set up their phone differently to help them or even helping them returning to work.

“Over the years on the Plym Neuro unit we’ve supported patients in getting to family parties and weddings and funerals. They might be a patient but they still have things going on outside that are important to them and part of our work is to support them to be able to attend those things.

“Helping patients with their tasks means we get to spend lots of time with the person and their families which is an important part of someone’s recovery.

“One of the most rewarding aspects is discharging people home and when they thank you for your input. Knowing you have made a contribution and a change to that person’s health and independence is fantastic.”

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