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by | Thursday, February 6th, 2020 | News

Livewell Southwest is proud to publish its Impact Report 2018-2019, enabling us to share with a wide audience the work we are most proud of and the benefits we bring to the communities we serve.

We’re a social enterprise, run as a community interest company, which means we use our profits and assets for the public good.

We provide a wide range of NHS physical and mental health services, integrated with adult social care which is funded by Plymouth City Council. We also have a big part to play in supporting people in Plymouth to make healthy lifestyle choices through our One You Plymouth and Wellbeing at Work programmes.

Our Impact Report is designed to give a snapshot of the work we do, addressing challenges in health and care while always looking for the solution that has the widest benefits for the community. That might be reducing our carbon footprint, creating employment opportunities for those who often struggle to get work, or supporting community partners and projects with funding or expertise.

We hope you find it interesting and informative. Click here to view.

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