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by | Thursday, February 6th, 2020 | News

Six Livewell Southwest social workers celebrated a career milestone after successfully completing their Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE).

At an event organised by Kerry Dodd, Livewell Southwest Principal Social Worker, certificates were presented to Freya Crabtree, Poppy Selman, Paul Tippett, Ruth Mostert, Caroline Lyall and Hannah Creasey.

The ASYE is a nationally-recognised programme that gives newly qualified social workers extra support during their first year of employment while developing their skills, knowledge and professional confidence.

It’s designed and overseen by Skills for Care, a partner of the Department of Health and Social Care, to develop national consistency and drive up standards.

Not every adult social care employer offers the programme, but for Livewell it is an essential element in supporting and nurturing our new social workers. Kerry Dodd said: “The ASYE is a rigorous programme which builds on the training our newly-qualified social workers have through regular reviews, practice supervision, critical reflection and observation.

“It’s demanding, alongside the day job, but it provides invaluable support and experience, helping to equip and prepare new social workers for their challenging careers. They work closely with Julie Waite and Lawrence Badman, our practice educators, as well as coming together regularly as a group, and it’s lovely to see that strong peer support developing.

“Livewell is commended nationally for our programme, and it is a positive factor in recruiting and retaining colleagues.”

At the event, Kerry told the six: “We’ve enjoyed seeing your development over the year and look forward to seeing you go forward in your careers. Huge thanks to Julie, Lawrence and your managers who supported you through this and through the complex work we deal with every day.

“It’s always a huge pleasure to stand here at this celebration of your achievement. Now strive forward, fly the flag for social work and elegantly challenge.”

Previous ‘graduates’ include Cheri Pearson and Gareth Benjamin who have both achieved national recognition by winning social work awards.

Hannah Creasey, in this cohort, has already followed in their footsteps. Hannah won the silver award at this year’s National Social Worker Awards in the Newly Qualified Social Worker category.

She achieved her long-held goal of becoming a social worker, working part-time at Livewell while studying at university.

Hannah said: “I have been well supported through the ASYE programme and been able to access the brilliant opportunities for learning and development on offer due to the integration of health and social care at Livewell.

“The ASYE enabled me to finalise my progression from community care worker to social worker and embed the need for ongoing development and improvement. The diverse range of roles for social workers within Livewell is a real asset when considering my current and future career options.”

Caroline Lyall has also just achieved her ASYE and said: “Doing my ASYE at Livewell has been a very positive experience for me. I think the programme is well planned and run, and it compares favourably to other organisations.  I have really felt the benefit of the monthly ‘check in’ sessions and also the support from my ASYE supervisor, buddy and practice teacher.”

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