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by | Monday, December 6th, 2021 | News

Prosthetics and Orthotics Services Support Manager Steve Cooper has spearheaded the initiative to make the Thornberry Centre more inclusive by introducing a gender-neutral toilet into the facility.

With minimal work required, apart from new signage, Steve has had the new toilets in place since August of this year.

Previously designated male and female, the new single occupancy, gender-neutral toilets contain sanitary facilities in both toilets and still maintain the dignity and privacy requirements of each user.

Gender non-binary, gender fluid and trans people may experience anxiety and distress when confronted with gender binary (male/female) facilities such as toilets and changing rooms.  

Steve, who is also one of Livewell’s new Inclusion Champions, said: “As a member of the Inclusion Champion network this was a subject which had come under discussion, and I felt it was a good move to offer this to our patients.

“All of the toilets within the centre are already equipped to be used by disabled as well as able-bodied people, and making them gender-neutral simply required the provision of an additional sanitary bin and temporary signage that we created ourselves until we have new signage supplied. 

“With no huge outlay it was a really good opportunity to provide this extra facility for our patients and clients who use the Thornberry Centre.”


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