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by | Tuesday, July 19th, 2022 | News

District Nurse Team Manager, Kim Beattie, has won the Cavell Star Award!

Kim is officially the first colleague of our District Nursing team, at Tavistock Hospital, to receive a Cavell Star Award which recognises nursing colleagues who go above and beyond and show exceptional care to their colleagues, patients, and patients’ families.

Matron and colleague Jo Beniston nominated Kim for the special Cavell Star Award. Here is what Jo had to say:

“Kim has worked shoulder to shoulder with the team when times have been tough to ensure that all patients are seen, whilst continuing to maintain team performance and high standards.

“One event that I will never forget, was when Kim volunteered to come with me to work a nightshift in a care home that had been devastated by Covid.

“Kim worked alongside me throughout the night – we did a total of 27 hours going straight there from our day job at 5pm. This was an unprecedented situation where Covid ripped through the care home and a plea was sent out by senior management and the CCG to find nurses to help. Kim volunteered without hesitation and as a result more nurses stepped forward over the coming days following her example.”

An incredibly grateful Kim had this to say about winning her Award:

“I was very overwhelmed and shocked as I was not expecting this! It does not ever feel that you are going above and beyond, as we all advocate for our patients every day. Working in the community is the best nursing job in the world. We get to really know our patients and what is important to them.

“Our nursing team are amazing, and they work above and beyond every day to ensure that we give the best care and support to the highest standard. I am so proud of everyone. It is having been an immensely tough time over the past few years and I thank all the team for showing such resilience and selflessness in looking after people in our community every-day, particularly through a pandemic when they have had their own personal concerns and worries, yet still always put their patients first.”

You can watch Kim’s award presentation here.

To find out more about the Cavell Star Awards, or to nominate one of your colleagues, click here.

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