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by | Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Community Learning Disabilities Team

Livewell Southwest provides learning and disability services which include a range of interventions, assessment and treatments from our award-winning multidisciplinary team.

We also provide support to families, carers and provider organisations to improve the quality of the services they offer to people living and working in the local community.

Our community learning disabilities team focusses on improving outcomes for people who have a learning disability who access primary and secondary health services. This is a specialised service that supports people with multiple, often complex, health needs. We also provide creative, holistic and responsive pre-planned crisis intervention and support.

Referrals to this team, including self-referrals, can be made by contacting the Referral Coordinator on 01752 434033.

We also provide occupational therapy to adults with learning disabilities who live in Plymouth. The occupational therapy service includes reviews of a person’s functional skills; sensory processing; motivation and engagement in activities of daily living and offer support in planning and organising daily activities

This could be in the form of group work, or individual one-on-one sessions.  Support is also provided to the Down’s and Dementia Screening Programme, using the assessment of motor and process skills (AMPS).



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For general enquiries, or to be directed to a specific service or individual, please contact our switchboard on 01752 435502.



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8th May 2018

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