Therapy Unit

by | Thursday, May 10th, 2018

Therapy Unit

Livewell Southwest’s therapy unit provides neurological occupational therapy and physiotherapy to people over the age of 16 in an outpatient setting. Typically, we support people who are experiencing difficulties with balance and walking or are experiencing these symptoms as a result of a stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, spinal cord and brain injury.

The specialist team at the therapy unit starts by carrying out a comprehensive assessment of the person’s needs, before discussing with them an appropriate treatment plan to follow post-discharge. One of the primary aims of this service is to provide expert advice and education that helps people to manage neurological, or long-term conditions more effectively and avoid being readmitted to hospital.

Four dedicated physiotherapists work with individuals to set meaningful, and achievable goals and develop empowering programmes to help people to achieve them. This may include a course of specific treatment designed to address a particular issue – such as gait, balance, posture or muscle strength – as well as home exercise programmes that help encourage people to be proactive about self-management of their condition.

The therapy unit offers a weekly mobility aid clinic and weekly strengthening and balance group. All treatment is provided in either a gym environment, or a clinic room, with the length of each session being tailored to an individual’s specific needs.

Occupational therapists offer advice and interventions to enable people to practice daily life skills, get back behind the wheel of a car, or perform particular tasks that will help to promote their own independence. They also provide support to people planning to return to work including education around fatigue management.

If you have a diagnosed neurological condition, and think you would benefit from this service, referrals can be made by GPs or other health and social care professionals. Self-referral is not currently available and we are unable to accept referrals for chronic fatigue syndrome. We also do not provide a musculo-skeletal service.



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10th May 2018