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Psychosexual Therapy

Sex and relationships are very important in people’s lives, so sexual problems can have a massive impact upon people’s wellbeing. We imagine that no-one else experiences them, and so they can make us feel very alone. This can make it very difficult for people to talk about them and seek help. Yet sexual difficulties are very common and can be caused by physical and mental health issues, as well as current and past life events.

The psychosexual therapist at the anxiety & depression service (Plymouth Options) has undertaken specialist training which makes them knowledgeable and comfortable talking about sex, and able to diagnose and treat all kinds of sexual difficulties such as:

  • Erectile difficulties
  • Premature or Delayed Ejaculation
  • Sexual Pain Syndrome
  • Vaginisimus (inability to achieve penetrative sex)
  • Reduced or absent libido
  • Sexual aversion/phobia
  • Male and Female Orgasmic difficulties
  • Sexual Arousal Disorder

The service can also treat psychological difficulties that adversely impact on a person’s ability to engage in an intimate and sexual relationship e.g. The after- effects of Sexual Trauma and Childhood Sexual abuse.

The service can also treat some other difficulties of a sexual nature that are adversely affecting a person’s mental well-being e.g. Concerns over use of pornography, uncertainty over sexual orientation and Paraphilia’s.

Referrals can be made by your GP or other healthcare professionals, or you can use the online self-referral form, please specify on the form that you wish to access the Psychosexual Therapy Service.

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