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Complex Emotional Needs including Personality Disorder

Complex Emotional Needs including Personality Disorder

Livewell Southwest offers a service to help people with complex emotional needs or dysregulation who are also likely to receive a diagnosis of personality disorder to manage their condition and relationships. Around one-in-twenty people has a personality disorder, but not everyone understands what they are.

A person’s thoughts, behaviours and feelings are all unique, it’s these elements which “shape” their personality and which influence how that person relates to other people and experiences the world. Everyone exhibits similar personality traits to greater or lesser degrees, when someone shows personality traits which cause problems – for examples with relationships or their emotions – then they may be diagnosed with emotional dysregulation, complex emotional needs or having a form of personality disorder.

These difficulties can be rooted in trauma, negative childhood environments, pre-disposing biological factors or a combination of factors. This can include having difficulties with self-image and confidence, impulsive behaviour, unstable moods, behaviour that is harmful to self, and instability in personal relationships – all of which can be distressing for the person experiencing them.

The Livewell Southwest teams are inclusive in supporting people with complex emotional needs/personality disorders. The Personality Disorder Complex Emotional Needs Service was developed and expanded in 2022 within Livewell Southwest and offers support and treatment for complex emotional needs/personality disorders, using NICE-recommended treatment this includes Peer Support, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (for borderline personality disorders) and some other specialist interventions. We aim to be a learning service always seeking up to date evidence for practice and the lived experience in our service development.

Referrals require the individual to understand the therapy commitment and consent to the referral which in most cases does require individual and group work.



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13th April 2018