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Prosthetics Rehabilitation Service

The Livewell Southwest prosthetics rehabilitation service is based at the Thornberry Centre and sees patients of any age, who have had an amputation or who have been born with a limb deficiency.

The prosthetics rehabilitation service assesses whether people are suitable for a prosthesis (artificial limb) and if they are, will work with them to develop, fit and supply a suitable limb. The service supports people through initial rehabilitation but also provides life-long advice to people about their amputation, prosthesis or related issues. Continuity of care from a local prosthetic centre is paramount.

A dedicated multi-disciplinary team, led by a consultant in rehabilitation medicine, includes prosthetists (people who specialise in measuring, designing and fitting artificial limbs), technicians, a physiotherapist, a nurse and other allied health professionals.

The primary aim of the service is to maximise people’s potential for mobility and independence. In many cases, this includes supporting the individual in a way that allows them to return to as many of their pre-amputation activities as possible.

We accept referrals from health care professionals for new patients, and an established patient can refer themselves into the service. People can use the service from birth up to older age, and we have a track record of effectively supporting: people who have had an amputation following disease, trauma or malformation; people who have opted to have an amputation, but have not yet undergone surgery and people who have congenital limb absence.



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