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COVID 19 support & information


COVID-19 Information

Your weight management team acknowledge this is likely to be a very challenging time for many people. Whilst we are unable to continue offering our standard service, we do not want you to feel unsupported and alone. This page contains resources that you may find helpful in maintaining your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Emotional wellbeing resources

NHS: Every Mind Matters
The NHS website has some good general advice about mental wellbeing and managing whilst isolating at home. There is also a lot of useful content about managing anxiety connected to coronavirus. Click here to visit. Mental health and wellbeing aspects of coronavirus
Information and guidance from Public Health England on how to manage your emotional wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak. The site is regularly updated. Click here to visit.

Plymouth Online Directory
POD is a community-based directory with a focus on health, social and wellbeing services provided by Plymouth City Council and local voluntary organisations. Click here to visit.

Silver Line
The Silver Line is the only free confidential helpline providing information, friendship and advice to older people, open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Click here to visit.

Staying well at home
A guide to help you while you are spending more time at home. Five steps to feeling well, which can really help put us in more control and help us to feel positive even when lots of things are happening around us. Click here to download.

Emotional eating resources


HelpGuide: A guide to mental health and wellness
This website discusses how to break the cycle of emotional eating and gives more information about how emotional eating patterns can become established. There is useful information on how to tell the difference between physical hunger and ‘head’ hunger that can lead to emotional eating. Click here to visit.

HealthLink BC
This Canadian website has useful practical tools for understanding and managing emotional eating. Click here to visit.

Dr Tracey Marks: Emotional eating – how to recognise it
A five minute video outlining some techniques that can be useful in managing emotional eating. Click here to view.

Staying active


Click here for more information (including videos) on physical activity and staying active during lockdown.

Soothing rhythm breathing


We can bring a sense of soothing to our minds and bodies by simply focusing on and adjusting our breathing.

Bringing a soothing rhythm to our breathing allows our bodies to step away from the threat system and into our soothing system.

The following exercise leads you through this:

Click here to listen to the Soothing Rhythm Breathing exercise


Home exercises


Recommendations aim for 30 minutes of moderate activity, 5 times a week to help keep fit and healthy. Here are some more ideas for things to do at home.

Seated warm up and stretches
Less activity can lead to increased stiffness in joints and muscles, so try these daily stretches to look after posture and flexibility. Click here to view.

Home circuit
There is a standing or seated option to help with strength, posture and cardiovascular fitness. Click here to view.


The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has also produced some useful information which you can view by clicking on the links below.

Leaflet for activity advice and balance exercises for older people

Leaflet with advice on stretching advice if sitting for too long at home 

Activity information and advice, including for specific long term conditions

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