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If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, excessive worry or low mood, we are here to help.

Anxiety and worry
Long-term health conditions
Post-traumatic stress disorder

Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe.

Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point in their life. For example, you may feel worried and anxious about sitting an exam, having a medical test or a job interview.

During these times, feeling anxious can be perfectly normal. But it can be hard to control worries, and feelings of anxiety feel more constant and can affect their daily life.

Anxiety is a broad category that can consist of:

  • Generalised anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Agoraphobia
  • Specific phobias
  • Health Anxiety
  • Social Anxiety

Anxiety treatment aims to look at what can maintain anxiety e.g., avoiding situations and how we can change this. We also look at the worries or thoughts and see if you change these to be less anxiety provoking. 

Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

What is Silvercloud? Silvercloud is an informative online therapy programme, proven to support wellbeing and help you learn ways to manage low mood and anxiety.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a 1-1 talking therapy which is recommended by NICE guidelines to address a range of presentations including anxiety, depression, OCD…


Our courses are based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and support people to understand their difficulties while teaching them tools and techniques to overcome them.

Guided self help

Where a therapist coaches you as you work through a self help course in your own time, either using a workbook or an online course.